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Maintenance of PVC Tile

1.It is not permitted that the sharp and rough heavy matters scribe and drag on the surface  of floor and that  personnel who  wear  shoes with nails   walk on the  floor. The floor should be kept clean, smooth and level

2.It is not permitted that the chairs which  have black rubber cushion put on its surface in order to avoid black sulfide pollution surface.

3.If there are oil  or dirty on  its surface, it  may be cleaned with cleanser or washing powder. If there is scribed sign in local position, it may be sanded with fine abrasive paper.

4.The floor should be coated with wax one time within six months, if the personnel who walk on  the floor are busy, it should coated more times.

5.Avoid sun light shining it directly so as to prevent PVC floor  from changing color and aging earlier.

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