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Construction of PVC Tile

1.This Construction specification application to pave PVC Tile to ground directly.

2.If PVC Tile  pave to the panel of access floor, refer to Construction of Steel access raised floor.

3.Tile and adhesive should be stored on the site under normal temperat-ure(25.C)for at least 24hours prior to beginning installation and shall be stored  under normal temperature (25.C) for  at least  48hours after completion of work.

4.Tile of same LOT should be used for repeated process.

5.It is strongly recommended to use adhesive approved by this firm, and a thorough mixing is required before use.
Size of adhesive applying spatula (groove intervals:1.0mm,groove width 2.0mm,grooveheight:2.0mm ).
Using appropriate size  spatula apply conductive adhesive evenly over tile floor.
To  ensure good cohesion, be  sure to keep open time (15 minutes) and finish work within workable period of time (1hour)

6.Upon elapse of drying time for adhesive, tiles are to be pressed while working toward of outside from the middle of tile alignment line.

7.For welding, V-shape groove in the depth of about 2/3 tile thickness will be made along  tile joints  when 48 hours have left following the laying work of tiles and adhesive has hardened.

8.Using PVC welding rod of 2-3mm diameter, welding is performed with welder.

9.Any protruding parts in welded area will be cut off with knife to become flat with adjacent areas.

10.When additional 24 hours have lapsed following the completion of the above processes, the finished surface will be cleaned off with neutral detergent.

11.Upon completion of laying processes, entire area will be evenly pressed with a roller weighting 80kg for perfect adhesiveness and seating.

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